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Transforming Wedding Dress Toronto

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One of the newest trends in wedding attire is for brides to have a wedding dress Toronto with some transformative aspect to it. This can provide an added excitement and versatility factor. As well as a fun surprise for you to reveal to your guests. And maybe even your spouse on the big day.

The idea can take many forms, whether that be a top piece with sleeves for the ceremony that comes off to reveal a strapless number for the reception. Or a removable full tulle skirt that reveals a fitted mermaid silhouette underneath.

These fun and fabulous two-for-one numbers are making a big splash in the wedding world right now. But would something like this make sense for you and your wedding dress Toronto needs? What are the pros and cons of choosing such a gown?


Having a dress that has a removable piece or provides some other such transformation gives you the “wow factor”.It can be super fun to surprise your guests with a brand new look. When you and your new spouse enter the reception for the first time, too!

There is another obvious bonus to this idea. Cost! Since you’re not actually having to purchase two separate gowns, you essentially get two wedding dress Toronto for the price of one! This way you don’t have to break the bank to get the exact look you desire.

A double-duty dress can also fulfill a practical purpose. If you want to have a traditional church wedding and you wanted to wear a sexy. Having the ability to transform your dress might be the perfect solution. A removable tulle skirt with a sleek shape underneath. So it will fit the bill to let you have the princess look you desire. And still allowing you to easily bust a move on the dance floor later.


Some potential con to the transforming dress look

1. There is simply less time for people to see you in each look. If you’re using one look for the ceremony and one for the reception. It’s likely that you’ll spend much more one-on-one time with guests in your reception attire. So if you’d prefer for them to see you in the other style. You might not be happy with having transformed before you were able to hug everyone.

2. Potential extra cost for alterations.  Although the price to make the overlay removable was far,  there definitely was an added expense to creating this aspect. Since it was a custom addition and not a part of the original dress design. And if your look requires an additional piece such as a bolero with sleeves, there will certainly be a fee for that item to be added to your dress.

3. At the end of the day, the amount to add a custom feature to your dress isn’t likely to be comparable to a separate gown. But if the price is a large factor in your planning, it is important to remember that anything that isn’t a standard alteration will have to be factored into your budget.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you as to whether you’d like to stick with one look for the day or choose a dress that has some form of a transformation factor involved. If the cost of alterations or the potential lack of time in each separate look isn’t going to fit into your vision for the day, then this might be a trend for you to skip. But if the versatility and “wow factor” of a two-for-one dress seems up your alley, then definitely talk to your bridal consultant or seamstress about the potential options there. With the right tweaks or additions to your gown, you might just end up with two perfect wedding day looks in one!

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