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Fashion Alternatives to the Traditional Bridal Gown

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Finally, the date comes. So You’re getting married and the love you feel for your partner grows every day. The venue reservations have been handled, the guest list has been finalized, and you’re working on nailing down all the details. Now comes the hard part: hours of sifting through bridal shops to try to find your perfect wedding gown. To some, this “Say Yes to the Dress”-esque scene can be the stuff written from nightmares. To say the least, this process can be exhausting and confusing. What if the options you see aren’t for you? Needless to say, wedding dress Toronto are not one size fits all—sometimes something more unique than a traditional white gown is more your style! If you’re looking for a fashionable alternative, your search need not be stressful! Take a look at these recommendations for alternatives to the traditional bridal gown!

Alternate Color Gowns

A trend dating all the way back to Victorian Ages, white wedding dress Toronto was meant to convey the virginity and purity of the bride. Weddings were seen as a business arrangement between the family of the bride and groom, and it was imperative that the woman preserved her virginal status to retain her value to the groom’s family. This status was indicated through the donning of a white dress, and an expensive, white dress also conveyed a high-class image and brought honor to the bride’s family. Yeah, we know, super outdated.

While white is a perfectly fashionable choice for your wedding gown, some people might want to switch it up a bit! Many popular bridal stores are starting to sell wedding gowns in colors such as off-white, cream, pink, red, and really, any color you can imagine. Ditch tradition in favor of personality, flare, and style. An alternative color gown might also be chosen because the hue holds some special significance. Or maybe you just look better in blue. The most important consideration is making sure you feel comfortable in your gown!

Playing with Prints

Solid colors are SO old news. Chuck the traditional solid white dress, and wear something that lets your personality shine through! Floral patterns are always a hit, and embroidery and sequins can give the gown a glamorous or rustic feel, depending on the theme you’re going for. Playing with prints is also a great way to match the theme of your wedding. Adding textures and layers can give your attire extra dimension that will help you shine on your special day!

Vintage Wedding Attire

Love is timeless. It’s special and unique. Why not show it off with a vintage wedding gown? These dresses allow the wearer to channel another era of their choice, complete with all the romance and classic beauty of days past. The style of these gowns often features lace, a higher neckline, or a puffy skirt. If you’re having a vintage or era-themed wedding, wearing the corresponding dress, suit, or pantsuit to that era can really tie the theme together, too!

Short Wedding Dress Toronto

Who needs to be weighed down by a long, flowing garment? Short dresses pack all the beauty and elegance of a traditional wedding gown into a convenient package. These dresses are especially perfect for beach weddings! They have the potential to give a flirty, carefree vibe, and you can prevent sand from gathering in your dress with the shorter hemline. Your dress can still incorporate elements from traditional wedding gowns while retaining the versatility of a beach sundress.

That being said, short dresses also have their places in all sorts of weddings. And the best part is that due to the simplicity of the design. It’s possible to re-wear your wedding dress Toronto for another occasion if you so choose! Short dresses also tend to run at a lower price point than the traditional gown. If you’re looking at a strict budget for your ceremony, one of these might be best.

Suit, Tuxedo, Pantsuit, or Jumpsuit

Is a dress just not your thing? No problem! Leave the rules behind and wear a suit! Or maybe a chic, tailored pantsuit is more your style. You can use these to create lines and flatter your body’s natural shapes. Feeling comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day is the most important part of shopping for your outfit. This day will be one of the most monumental moments of your life, and you should absolutely wear something that makes you feel validated as the beautiful individual that you are.

At the end of the day, your wedding is yours and yours alone. Wear what makes you comfortable and happy. If that means you end up in a wedding gown, a suit, or even pajamas, power to you! The individuality and uniqueness of your relationship can be conveyed through the design of your wedding and your attire, and that’s a beautiful thing! Let your personality as a couple shine through in your wedding attire, and it’s sure to be a day to remember!

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