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How To Cover Up Stylishy On A Chilly Wedding Night

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Is there anything more magical than an outdoor fall wedding? The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, the nights are longer, and the weather is no longer unbearably hot. But as the temperatures drop, your strapless wedding dress Toronto might seem ill prepared to keep you warm during all the toasts, dances, and kisses underneath the autumn stars. Although your trusty puffer coat might seem like the best option warmth wise, it may clash with your beautiful wedding dress Toronto. But before you change your mind about an outdoor fall wedding, consider some of the covers up options out there!

Although Frank Sinatra tells us that all you need is love to keep you warm, you’re probably going to need something a little extra to survive the evening. When you need to keep warm (but still look fabulous) in your wedding dress Toronto, check out these ideas.

Go Vintage

Although modern coats may have more technologically advanced fabrics to keep us warmer, they are missing that element of glamour that coats and wraps used to have. When hunting for a way to keep warm during your ceremony and reception, start shopping at an antique mall or vintage store to look for a pretty cover up or wrap that will complement your delicate wedding dress Toronto. Hunt for something with a glamorous touch like a mink (or faux mink) cape or a lacy shawl that will keep your arms warm while you do the Cupid Shuffle.

Try a Fitted Suit Jacket

Who says that the groom and the groomsmen are the only ones who get to wear a tailored jacket? This will look sleek and sexy against your elegant wedding dress Toronto and will be sure to keep you warm as you visit with friends and family throughout the evening. It may be difficult to find a white jacket during the fall, so try to look early and often during the months leading up to the wedding so you can snag that perfect one and not be in a last-minute online shopping panic.

Cover Up With a Pretty Cardigan

Cardigans will never go out of style and will, therefore, be the perfect choice for wedding photos. Try to shop at stores like White House Black Market, J Crew, or Ann Taylor to look for a sparkler, fancier version of the plain old cardigan. Choose something in white or ivory to blend in with your dress or choose one of your wedding colors to give a nice pop. A cardigan will not only look cute in pictures, but it’ll also keep your arms from freezing when you’re tossing the bouquet.

Drape a Shawl, Wrap, or Scarf

Shawls, pashminas, and wraps are having a fashion moment. You will undoubtedly look elegant with a shawl wrapped around you as you dance the night away in your wedding dress Toronto. With so many colors and styles, you’ll have endless choices for what to drape around you during the ceremony. Once you’ve chosen yours, you might also want to think about getting some for your bridesmaids. Matching shawls will look great in pictures, but they’ll also make perfect bridesmaids gifts. (Two birds with one stone!)

Get Cozy in a Pretty Blanket

Another great idea for covering up during a chilly wedding night would be to drape a (very small) plaid or chunky knit blanket around your arms. A plaid blanket wrapped around both you and your new spouse would look adorable in photographs and would fit well with an autumn-themed wedding.

Borrow the Groom’s Jacket

Nothing will make cuter pictures than having your groom drape his tux jacket over your shoulders as the evening temperatures drop. The dark suit jacket will be a beautiful contrast to your white or ivory gown—and best of all, it’ll smell like your new groom. Of course, make sure that your groom has a backup jacket so that he can keep warm as well!

Whatever You Choose, Make It Beautiful and Glamorous

Obviously, you have several options to consider accessorizing with, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you look and feel beautiful in it. Remember not to wait until the last minute to shop to prevent it from looking like you just threw something on over your dress. Even though it’s an accessory, it’ll be in a lot of your pictures and you want to make sure it fits with the vision you had for your look. Just pick something you feel beautiful and glamorous in and it’s sure to be a perfect fit.
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