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10 Wedding Dress Toronto Necklines to Suit Different Brides

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While your wedding is all about marrying someone you love, the dress that you wear is one of the most important parts of the day. It’s vital that you feel comfortable and confident in whatever piece you choose. This way, you can feel your best and truly enjoy the celebration. It is also a great way to emphasize the feel of your wedding while catering to your clothing preferences. Thankfully, there are so many different styles of dresses available these days. There is one for every single person out there.

Before shopping for dresses, decide on the type of neckline you would like. This is an easy way to narrow down your choices to limit the stress and chaos of wedding planning. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this list of necklines and the types of looks they go best with. This will help you plan accordingly and let you focus on the more important part of your wedding: making memories and having fun.

Cap Sleeve

Brides who crave both coverage and breathing room will love a cap sleeve neckline. This type of cut boasts fitted sleeves that are shorter than the average t-shirt, yet longer than a standard tank top. These sleeves don’t bunch up easily, making them work well with layering pieces such as cardigans and shawls. A cap sleeve neckline is classic and beautiful. For a vintage feel, opt for a dress with a lace cap sleeve top and a silk or chiffon bottom.

High Neck

Once dubbed as an old-school style, high necklines have been making a comeback. Just take a look at today’s casual wear; you will find high necklines and turtlenecks slowly trickling into everyday fashion. This type of neckline is full of modesty and allure. You can often find high necklines used in dresses without sleeves. For a winter wedding, consider a high neck with long lace sleeves for a majestic option.


Available in varying depths, this type of neckline features a V-shaped drop at the neck and chest area. It is another classic option for simpler brides. For more daring individuals, plunging v-neck dresses are also available. This style is perfect for showing off statement necklaces.


If you prefer to cover up your neck and chest, choose a scoop neck dress. This type of neckline is one of the most common cuts found in everyday wear. It features a simple curved neckline that typically hits just below the collarbone. Like v-necks, scoop necks are available in various depths.


Brides that are comfortable showing a little skin will adore an off-shoulder neckline. This cut lies just beneath the collarbone and runs around the chest and both arms. An elastic band keeps the dress in place and allows flexibility and movement. Off-shoulder dresses are ideal for weddings that will take place during the spring or summer. Alternatively, they work well for celebrations in hotter locations. These days, off-shoulder styles are often seen in whimsical bohemian-inspired and beach weddings.

Boat Neck

For the bride that wants to show just a little bit of skin, a boat neck dress will fit the bill. In a way, it is like a tamed-down version of the off-shoulder neckline. One might describe it as a cut that is in between a scoop and off-shoulder. When paired with a flared bottom, this style exudes a retro vibe.

Straight-Across Strapless

Unlike off-shoulder dresses, straight-across strapless dresses do not wrap around the arms. Instead, they only run around the chest. This is another style that works exceptionally well for warmer climates and seasons. This may not be the best dress for women with smaller chests, as it can easily slip down during the day. Consider using strips of double-sided fashion tape to keep the dress in place.


Pegged as a variation of the strapless neckline, the sweetheart also does not have any sleeves. The cut as a small V-shaped dip near the sternum, emphasizing the natural shape of the chest area. A sweetheart neckline has a playful, youthful feel to it.


During the 1990s, halter tops were extremely popular. After a short period of phasing out, they are making their way back into the fashion world. Halter necklines, which do not have sleeves, often conceal the collarbone. The sides of the fabric that cover the bust are angled, while the back is typically revealed. A variation of this style is the halter strap neckline. This cut has fabric of thinner width covering the bust and exposes the collarbone and neck.


Also known as a one-shoulder neckline, this style is ideal for edgier brides who like to mix things up. The single sleeve can be short, mid-length, or long. Sometimes, the one shoulder style is combined with sweetheart necklines. This is another option that works well for showing off a statement necklace.



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