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6 Fun Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ideas to Inspire You

Picking out a wedding dress Toronto can be one of the most dramatic moments of a bride’s life. It’s likely been an event you have been dreaming about ever since you were a little girl. It can be tricky to find “the right one” with all the choices that are before you. It’s important to be true to your personality and to not be afraid to be a little unconventional in your choices. After all, it is your day. There’s nothing wrong with doing things the way you want them. So, if you are an unconventional bride, then we have some unconventional choices that may suit you seamlessly (no pun intended) on your day.

Add Some Color

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If you have a bubbly and audacious personality, consider stepping away from the traditional, pure-white gown and spring for one with a little more color. Depending on the season in which your wedding is held, you could for more light pastels or bold, vivid colors. If you don’t feel like going too far in that direction, a simple rose-colored gown will still give the hint of color without detracting as much from the pureness of the gown. If you are a bride who appreciates the darker things of life, then sporting a black gown down the aisle is the perfect way to have your guests’ jaws drop to the floor, in a good way.

Be Bold with Prints

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If you’re a fool for bold prints, like most of us are, you might think about donning yourself in a gown full of your favorite print. Floral prints are the more popular print for non-conventional wedding gowns, but any print you desire will do. Floral, of course, screams out wedding, but if you are extra bold, then don’t hesitate for an animal print like zebra or cheetah. Maybe you just like polka dots or stripes, whatever it may be, were your prints proudly.

Shorten Things Up

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If you find yourself being more of a playful bride, a long, elegant gown might not match your personality. A shorter, knee-length dress may match your personality much more exactness. There are several options in the knee-length or shorter dresses for you to consider. First off, these dresses range from tube-tops to long sleeves – the time of year that you are having your wedding will probably determine the sleeve choice. Second, your gown can be form fitting for the sexier look, or you can try a more sundress-type gown for the bubbly look.

Separates Your Wedding Dress Toronto

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If you want to capture a taste of traditional and non-traditional, then mixing and matching your skirt and top can be just the right fit for you. If you are going for a bolder look, then both pieces need to be polar opposites of each other. For example, if you are having a country-themed wedding, you might want a classic cowgirl, flannel shirt to wear. If you choose to be that casual up top, then you’ll need to glam it way up on bottom. An overly poufy, tulle skirt will match brilliantly with your plaid. You’re definitely making a statement with a combination like this, but wear it with confidence; you’re the bride, the only one who can pull this off. Combining the ordinary with the over-the-top is how you’ll be able to make this piece come alive. If you want the separates, but you’re not ready to be too over the top then you can make your look more cohesive with keeping all of your separates equally elegant. A glamorous skirt, bejeweled top, and elegant cardigan will give you the romantic, wedding feel but still be being non-traditional.

There are several ways for you to be non-traditional on your day. You don’t need to do what you see everyone else doing on his or her wedding day. This day is about you and your soon-to-be spouse. That said, be true to yourself. Don’t let your personality be lost under a dress that isn’t you. Find something that you will feel comfortable and self-assured in. It’ll make all the difference when your day finally comes.

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