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6 Stunning Wedding Dress Toronto Ideas for Minimalist Brides

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Whether you’re into simple and sleek or flirty and fun, these wedding dress Toronto ideas will speak to your minimalist bride side.

Over the past few years, minimalism has become the highlight of the design world. The wedding industry has embraced this trend with open arms, making it the go-to theme for many brides. More and more people are ditching the extra bells and whistles in exchange for simpler, chic designs. This includes opting out of the intricate lace, glistening gemstones, and shiny pearls. Instead, the minimalist style is all about modern details that can be appreciated by all types of people. Minimalism is especially ideal for the bride who savors the sleek aesthetic of neutral shades, clean cuts, and modern vibes. Unsurprisingly, it also works for the bride who just wants to take it easy.

Thankfully, many brands, retailers, and companies are hopping on the minimalism train. These days, it is becoming easier to find a simple dress that isn’t elaborate, fancy, or glitzy. They can be found in different types of styles, making minimalism accessible for all types of brides. That’s the beauty of it! It is all about focusing on what is most important: the neckline, length, and shape. And most of all, your wedding day.

The fewer details you have to worry about with your dress, the more brainpower you can apply to the celebration. Choosing the actual dress will also be the breeze, as you will have fewer specifics to worry about. You might even be able to re-use the dress in the future. Need some inspiration? Keep reading for dress ideas that will speak to your minimalist side in all the best ways.

1. Flutter Sleeve Maxi

If you’re a minimalist bride who wants a bohemian vibe, choose a piece like this flutter-sleeved maxi dress by ASOS. The only real details present are the panels around the waist. Those exact panels are what shapes the dress, helping it morph gracefully into a billowing maxi bottom. It’s the perfect example of a minimalist piece; the few details are not embellishments. Instead, they contribute to the overall construction. To top it off, an airy dress like this one can be easily re-used for future summer getaways and parties.

2. Midi Shift Dress

At first glance, a piece like this midi shift dress from Topshop might seem like something one would wear to an engagement party or bridal shower. It might even be appropriate enough for a party or office meeting. Yet, when styled in a certain way, this sophisticated piece can be adapted for a minimalist wedding. It boasts a refined, classy shape, making it an excellent option for the bride who wants to take it easy. This piece would look especially chic with a low bun and geometric jewelry.

3. Sleeveless Maxi

Everything about this dress by J. Crew is chic and simple. The cut and neckline are both modest and alluring. It has a timeless style that emphasizes its minimalist nature. Think about it: This is the type of garment that could have easily meshed with the trends 30, 15, or 10 years ago. It could have also worked as wedding dress Toronto during the early 2000s, and it would certainly work well today. It goes without saying that it will be an appropriate choice in subsequent years. A plain white, sleeveless maxi dress is the ultimate classic, making it a minimalist bride’s best friend.

4. Halter Top Maxi

In the past few years, casual weddings have become increasingly popular. This halter-inspired maxi dress from Nordstrom fits the environment of a casual and cheerful celebration extremely well. It’s ideal for those who want something sweet and simple with a little bit of edge. Like other dresses on this list, it can also be worn again and again. This option would look beautiful on a dreamy beach or mountain celebration.

5. A-Line Wedding Dress Toronto

For a simple piece that exudes femininity, opt for an A-line dress. This one by Mod Cloth has a playful touch while holding onto the retro feel of an A-line. Despite the vintage look, this style has become a staple in the fashion world. This garment would work especially well for minimalist brides who like modesty and fun rolled into one.

 6. Asymmetrical Wedding Dress Toronto

Many people automatically assume that minimalism is boring, bland, and dull. That isn’t what this lifestyle is about, though. Minimalist style hones in on cutting out the excess, instead focusing on the more important details. For a bridal wedding dress Toronto like this asymmetrical piece at Nordstrom, those details are simple yet impactful. This is an edgier option for brides who love garments that make a statement in the simplest way. The high neckline offers something a little different than the usual dress, making it a one-of-a-kind option. Plus, who can resist that asymmetrical cut? Again, it is edginess at its finest. This would work wonderfully for a wedding with an industrial or city theme.

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