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The Other White Wedding Dress Toronto Pre-Wedding Events

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This is your time to be a star. You get to be the center of attention at every shower, party, and pre-wedding dress Toronto festivity. Staring inside your closet worrying about what to wear shouldn’t be on your list of to-do.

You not only want to look your best but also want to save a little bit of the spotlight for your actual wedding day. Many traditional brides stick with the white wedding dress Toronto and go crazy with fun colors for the pre-wedding festivities, but many modern brides are ditching the exclusivity of the wedding day white dress and opting to wear white to everything else as the center of attention. It’s all up to you: the star. However, if you need a bit of inspiration, here are some ideas for both classic white and bright colors to keep you from tearing apart your closet and instead get you and into the dresses of your dreams.

The Engagement Party Wedding Dress Toronto

You don’t want to be too dressed up (after all, you share the spotlight at your engagement party with your soon-to-be spouse), but you also want to show off the style that starts the ball rolling on pre-wedding fashion. Many pictures will be snapped, so get ready to put on a bright smile! A fun white wedding dress Toronto is a perfect pick for this party.

A classic white preppy wrap dress is great if your party is outside. This type of dress is usually made of breathable cotton for comfort and a cute look. If it’s a more elegant party, go for a polyester blend or silk dress with embroidered detailing. Whatever looks best on your body as you sway along next to your future husband or wife is ultimately the best pick for this party.

If you do choose a colorful dress for this party, go for solids. You don’t want to be dancing next to your fiance if he’s wearing a patterned button down and you’re wearing a red chevron dress — you both might start to look more like a Jackson Pollock painting in photos.

The Bridal Shower

Some brides have multiple showers, which means multiple dresses. The best thing about most bridal showers is that they are all about being girly and having fun. You get to show off your fun side while laughing as you open gifts and sip champagne, all while the friends and family go all out showing their love.

Many showers are decorated in girly colors and serve foods with catchy names. Make sure you don’t wear an orange dress to a pink-themed party. You don’t want to clash with the decor in photos; however, bridal showers are a safe place for a pop of color. Go with a solid, flowy dress and flirty jewelry. A dress that hits above the knee with heels is perfect to show off your wedding body. If you want to stay with a white dress, bridal showers are the a great pre-wedding event for the casual t-shirt dress or even a gorgeous embroidered maxi dress.

The Bachelorette Party

Now’s your time to let loose! The bachelorette party is the event where you get to be the princess surrounded by your favorite girls having your last hoo-rah as a single lady. So, go for it! Show off your curves, or show some skin. This pre-wedding outfit has to be all about fun.

If you love color, pick out the brightest dress on the rack. Go for sequins, cutouts, or anything short to show off your gorgeous self. If you choose to go with a white dress, add color with your accessories. A fiesta white dress with hints of color at the hem is even perfect for just a pop of fun and whimsy.

The Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner usually brings together both families and all the wedding party participants. This is a time to be classy and elegant as you take in the fact this is the last event leading up to the main one: your wedding day.

Your attire should be classy and simple. You will probably be in a room with your new family and your grandparents, so modesty is important. A white lace dress is perfect for this event as you stand beside your spouse-to-be and toast your loved ones. A white sleeveless dress with an empire waist and flowing bottom give a model, stylish vibe with a modest touch. A vintage style dress with overlays and embroidery is also a perfect pick. This night is about being a shining star, but not about being the brightest star — at least not yet.

The Reception

The reception dress trend has picked up speed the past few years. These days a reception dress is perfect when a bride just cannot choose which style of wedding dress Toronto is perfect. Hey, it’s your night to be the belle of the bell, so go for two white dresses! Change out of your shiny princes’ gown into a wild, sparkling reception dress. Keep it short so you can dance the night away. Think of this dress as your prom dress high on life. Sequins, sparkles, and fringe are perfect additions to this dress. You are riding off into the sunset with the man of your dreams so have as much fun as you want with this glistening dress.

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