PromotionsHow to Find the Dream Wedding Dress Toronto for Your Zodiac Sign (2)

How to Find the Dream Wedding Dress Toronto for Your Zodiac Sign (2)

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You’ve bought all the guides and magazines, enlisted your entire squad for feedback, completed the online quizzes and maybe even sought the counsel of a bridal stylist, but you’re still on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress Toronto. What next? Well, maybe the answer is in the stars—or more specifically in your zodiac sign.

Of course, the hard-core horoscope followers know what we mean. But even if you’re not an astrology die-hard, if you take a casual glance through astrological characteristics and predictions you might experience quite a few, “oh wow, that is so me” realizations. See, all those character traits relate to personal style, for instance, a free-spirited Aquarius probably prefers vintage and boutique shopping over department stores and the creatively fierce Leo harbors ambitions of being a street style star.

So it might be worth a try—and, if anything, here’s another chance to look at a beautiful dress. Oh, and anytime your horoscope predicts coming into a financial fortune, that’s a green light to go shopping. (Kidding, kidding. Save for the wedding dress Toronto and honeymoon.) Scroll through to see how your zodiac sign can guide you to the perfect dress for your big day.

Leo, July 23 to August 22

Your fearless and creative nature shows through in your approach to personal style—especially with your affinity for putting together bold and statement-making outfits. You love playing with color and wearing the finest of fine and the newest of new—mottos that should apply to your dress—with sumptuous colorful floral embroidery and layers upon layers of blush tulle. After all, you already have your wedding hashtag and pre-wedding selfie poses ready to go.

Virgo, August 23 to September 22

Your careful, analytical and very precise personality makes you the most discerning of wedding dress shoppers. Chances are you’ll take your sweet time deliberating before pouncing on the one—and that’s OK. But, ironically, you hate being the center of attention, despite your meticulous attention to detail. So a classic shell-topped ball gown delicately covered in exquisite beading and fluttery ruffle florals totally fits the bill. But warning: All eyes will be on you.

Libra, September 23 to October 22

You’re not shy about your exquisite taste and a keen eye for the unusual and unique. Because being constantly inspired by your love of music, art, books and culture takes commitment. So for your wedding gown, you’ll want to exemplify your affinity for the cultivated—perhaps with international influences that bring back fond memories of your far-flung travels or your favorite classic novel.

Scorpio, October 23 to November 21

When it comes to wedding dress Toronto shopping, your fierce determination and resourcefulness will definitely come in handy, especially since you want to make the most out of your investment. Go ahead and look around, but we’re betting that the bridal separates trend, especially a gorgeous crystal-embellished top and ballgown skirt set, will really speak to you. Because, yes, you really can wear your wedding dress—or parts of it—again. (Think: The top with wide-leg trousers and the skirt with a t-shirt and moto-jacket. There—your wedding look just paid for itself.)

Sagittarius, November 22 to December 21

Your friends have a hard time pinning you down due to your hectic travel schedule, which can barely satisfy your innate curiosity or keep your boundless energy in check. (We’re guessing you have an amazing honeymoon planned, btw.) But first, let’s focus on the dress. A free-flowing slip silhouette, topped by an ethereal cosmic-embellished cape, beautifully shows off your adventure-seeking enthusiasm to reach for the stars.

Capricorn, December 22 to January 19

Family and tradition mean the most to you and you’re all about understated elegance and high-quality craftsmanship. Leave all the flash, bling and bedazzling to the Leos. So you’ll want a classic, old Hollywood-inspired ball gown, but with modern updates: a mock neck, demure cap sleeves and a dainty dusting of sumptuous pearls at the neck and waistlines.

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