PromotionsWedding dress to wear beautiful, five details can not be ignored

Wedding dress to wear beautiful, five details can not be ignored

A small wedding dress detail will affect the overall temperament.

Wedding dress spotted details of a part: skirt type

Skirt refers to the overall cut of a wedding dress. The “type” of the wedding dress laid the tone of the entire image. And, it is also the most basic reference factor.

Princess style – upper body fit tight, lower body long bell-style dress wedding dress. The best way to take the princess Fan children.

Modern style – waist skirts are more gentle styles, and the waistline’s charming waistline design emphasizes a classic sense of the times. And, the tight skirts that are more in pursuit of exquisite figure magnify the sexy side of the wedding dress. Plus, it is a fashionable and stylish choice for the modern bride.


Wedding dress spotted detail part two: collar type

In two respects, the collar type is extremely important for wedding dresses: first, this is the first part of the entire model that catches the eye of the person, and at the same time, it sets off the face of the bride.

If the face of the bride is likened to a portrait, the collar is the frame to decorate the portrait. Like the collar of a word, small round neck, Chinese collar and other styles, the design focuses on the length of the neck lift, play a role in modification, cover.

On the other hand, shoulders, collars, shoulders, etc. Precisely control the scale of exposure. A well-designed collar type will undoubtedly enhance the personality of a wedding dress, while allowing accessories to be displayed on the ground, allowing some body parts to look even better – for example, a graceful neck, boldly exposed low collar, or a pair of rounded, sturdy shoulders. .

Wedding dress to see the details of the three parts: waist line

Technically speaking, the waistline of the wedding dress can be described as a seamless horizontal connection between the upper body and the skirt body. As with the design of the collar and sleeves, the role of the waist line is to add a personal style to the specific skirt type; it also affects the “shape” of the wedding dress and balances the “type” of each part.

For example, the extended version of the V-Basque waistline is an excellent fit for long tutu. While the sculpted midline is more noticeable for softer lines.

The influence of low-waist design has continued since the Jazz era of the 1920s. It has helped to visually make the body more slender, and the high-waist design has been popular for its slimming effect.

Wedding dress spotted detail part four: sleeves

The sleeves of the wedding dress can add flavor to the upper body. While at the same time visually achieving harmony with the lower body skirt. Due to changes in the seasons, the choice of sleeve design is now mostly a matter of choosing how much to expose.

Long-sleeve models include: forearm body, inflatable puff sleeves on the shoulders, sleeveless cuffs and elegant lantern sleeves above the wrists, and long sleeves. The short-sleeved models also have a lot of great choices. Such as the cup-type that covers only the shoulders. And, the thin straps that are known for their underwear-like sex appeal.

Wedding dress spotted detail part five: skirt

The length of the skirt is related to the length of the skirt. Trenching dresses are generally considered the most formal styles; long and calf or ankles are semi-formal. Knee-length or shorter wedding dresses are considered as informal styles. However, mini-skirts have become a trend today and are favored by some brides who are not branded.

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