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tips for shopping wedding dress

You’ve got the ring, now it’s time to find the dress! Wedding dress shopping can be very exciting, and is no doubt a moment that you will want to cherish and make the most of. Just remember, it’s never too early to shop for a dress, especially if it’s for an event that happens once in a lifetime!

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If you’re not sure where to start, or maybe you’re a little nervous, here are some essential reminders to help you when shopping for your wedding dress…

Personality is pretty

Choosing a wedding dress is a very individual experience and is an opportunity for brides to express their fashion personality, after all, your wedding day is the biggest fashion moment of your life! Choose a gown that reflects your style and taste rather than opting for something you or someone else thinks you should wear.

Let the professionals help

Your first choice may not always be your best choice. You may have to let go of that image in your mind wearing that specific dress. Allow the experts to help you pick the perfect cuts for your body. Who knows? You might fall in love with a second or third pick!

Shop smart

If you’ end up getting engaged around the same time as sale season, then make the most of it! Start shopping while the sales are on, you never know you may find what you want for a great price!

Bring water and snacks

On the day of your fitting, bring snacks. You’ll probably be spending a few hours at the boutique and it will no doubt be a long day. Avoid the hangry (hunger + angry) feeling so you can make the right decision.

Take your wedding location into consideration

Take cues from the setting. You may have chosen a beach venue or a garden wedding. Consider styles that will fit the atmosphere; you don’t want to walk in a thick, ball gown while under the hot, sweltering seaside sun!

Take photos

If the boutique allows you to, it can be helpful to take photos. This way you can see how a dress photographs and see how it fits your figure from all angles. The best part about taking a photo is that it helps you to compare different gowns and allows you the luxury of giving yourself time to decide if you really love it or not!

Browse online

Go adventurous and hit the internet. Ah, the glorious power of online stores! Some bridal boutiques offer amazing deals—just make sure you read the return policy well.

Consider second hand

Maybe you’re a lover of all things vintage? Maybe you’re interested in selecting a pre-loved wedding gown? Or maybe you’re thinking about altering your mother’s wedding dress, explore all opportunities to find what’s right for you!

Try everything

Try on as many dresses as you have time for! While some may say this can be overwhelming, the bottom line is that you won’t know if you like something until you try it on! However, try to only try on gowns that are within your budget to avoid disappointment.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

If you aren’t comfortable with a dress, or you feel something isn’t right, don’t be afraid to speak up! Just because the shop assistant, or your mother or bridesmaids are comfortable with it, doesn’t mean you should be if you aren’t happy! This applies even more so to brides who are having their gown custom made; make sure you clearly communicate how you’re feeling so you are 100 percent happy with the final product.

Buy a dress that fits

Buy a size that fits your present figure. Maybe you’re planning to lose weight before your wedding day, however, it’s easier to fit into a slightly-bigger dress than a too-small dress. Also, you may run the risk of buying something that you plan to fit into, but come the big day it doesn’t quite fit.

Consider your accessories

Don’t forget the accessories. The belt, veil, shoes, jewellery and headpiece makes a huge difference with the entire look! Try some of these on as well.

Follow your heart

Listen to opinions, but trust your gut. Many brides say they know when they have found the dress, and liken it to the feeling of knowing when they have found ‘the one’. Listen to your heart and choose the dress that give you butterflies, (or makes your mum cry!).

Enjoy the moment! (wedding dress)

A happy bride is a beautiful bride. Enjoy the experience, and if you’re happy with your purchase, it’ll definitely show. Keep that joy and let that radiance brighten up your aura on your wedding day!

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