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Best Wedding dress Toronto

In downtown Toronto, there is a certain woman who goes around the city in the best wedding dress Toronto. A white face mask writing notes and leaving them all over the city. They call her the masked bride.

The contents of her letters are of an unhealthy relationship. The notes describe how her ex cheated on her multiple times. Not only that but with almost every woman who frequents in his three restaurants. In one of her notes, she writes “I fear for the other women you will meet in your life…It gives me nightmares” From this note, many assumed that there was a lot of abuse taking place in the relationship. There were also hints of sexual abuse and rape under the influence of drugs. The combined notes real or not show that the masked bride still has feelings for her ex. This is evident because, on some of her notes, she states that she still remembers how he would make dishes based on what she was craving, would watch shows with her while snuggling with her, would draw baths and love her.

In some of her notes, she would be poetic quoting characters in Jane Austen novels. Some people have also reported to have caught glimpses of the masked bride from Younge station to Queens Quey. Some people think that the masked bride are multiple people and make the notes as art performances, some accuse her of simply littering, and some feel that it is one individual talking about her past relationship.

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