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Best Wedding Dress Markham

 Most if not many women these days usually preserve their Best Wedding Dress Markham in air tight sealed places.

This was not the case when regarding 90-year-old Rona Cox.  She has stated that she just left it in her closet for nearly 65 years and it’s still in almost perfect condition. This Best Wedding Dress Markham is no ordinary Best Wedding Dress Markham either.

This wedding dress was made by old parachutes from the army. Not just any army thought, those parachutes came from the army they were both in and from the army base where she and her future husband were stationed at.

As she was explaining different parts of her dress that were made with different parts from the war. Mrs Cox’s wedding dress in Markham isn’t the only war memorial in her house.

An example of this would be when she showed the interviewer a picture of her in the army air corps at age 21. Mrs Cox has two children. Their names are Patricia and David. Another fact the article provides us with is that she enjoys reading the newspaper and watching the cubs play Baseball. Mrs Cox stated that she started to watch them at the age of 19 and was instantly fascinated with them.

To this day she still watches them. And She would usually listen to the game on her little radio on station WGN, but during international ladies’ day. She said she would take the L and watch the game all by herself. She said she was very independent when she was young. One of the many goals Mrs Cox has is to outlive her mother who passed away at the age of 91.

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