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Amazing Wedding Dress Toronto, Tips From

Who is the Cinderella Bridal?

We get a lot of very fashion forward girls. Girls who are looking for something beautiful, unique and a little bit different and quite exclusive.

Because we don’t carry the labels that a lot of other bridal shops carry.

What’s the difference between a couturier designer and somebody who has their own collections?

If it’s a couturier designer that has their own in-house collection then they will be versatile – they’ll be able to sketch you something and make you something but at a cost. Whereas if you’re coming to someone like myself who has a boutique with nine or ten designers there are things that we can do and change but within reason. There are too many beautiful wedding dress Toronto so we don’t need to!

What’s the average dress size that comes to you?

There is no average, let’s face it the average size in the Canada is a size 14-16. A lot of the samples in stores – including my own – are a 12. That’s the size that the designers encourage us to order samples in. I always say to brides don’t be nervous or put off by sizing – we can still give you a good idea of how the dress is going to look.

Who should I go with to try on my wedding dress Toronto?

When it comes to choosing your dress it’s very hard when you’ve got lots of opinions. My advice would always be that for the first appointment bring as little a group as possible – maybe mum and one other. Don’t make it too difficult for yourself. You might have an entourage of friends who are in support of you but they’re thinking about themselves too and what they’d look like in the dress.

How do you feel about guests rocking up in white?

It’s not really appropriate! Especially for mums. Nobody should outshine the bride.

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