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Wedding gowns – styles of bodice

Wedding dresses are available with a wide range of bodice styles to suit all body shapes. If you’re having a gown made by a dress designer, or visiting a bridal store, they should be able to give you some advice about the best styles to suit you. Here are some commom bodice styles.

Halter Neck

This style is very suitable for brides who have a reasonable bust as it slims down the waistline by elongating the torso. A variation to this style is the high neckline. The halter neck exposes the shoulders; and a plunging neckline further opens the chest and neck area.

Plunging Neck

Whilst this style does look very much like the halter neck, it is more versatile as you have straps or sleeves sitting on the shoulders, which does not expose them as significantly as the halter neck. This opens the neck and chest area more significantly making it more versatile to a bride with considerably broader frame.

This style does not emphasis the shoulders nor the bust as prominently as the halter neck.


The strapless gown is the dominant characteristic of the traditional princess style gown. This style opens up the shoulders, chest and neck completely. This is very feminine and extremely flattering.

The strapless bodice can have either of the necklines available, however, some more complicated necklines (eg., scooped) would definitely require internal support to maintain the shape. The back of the bodice is generally a little lower than the front. Unless you wear straps, you can not have a deeper plunging bodice at the back as it will simply fall off!

Spaghetti Straps

This style is the same as the strapless, the only difference being that you can elect to wear a bodice which plunges far lower at the back. The most attractive feature of this style is that it emphasises the neck and chest area, as with the strapless style. The difference is that the delicate straps will enhance the shoulders.



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