PromotionsWedding dress Toronto: fabric explained

Wedding dress Toronto: fabric explained

Picking out a wedding dress Toronto is tough enough before you figure out that you have to choose your fabric too. There are so many types of fabric that it’s easy to get lost in the French names, such as georgette and tulle. Have no fear, we’re here to be your guide through the overwhelming drapes of wedding dress fabric.

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With a high sheen on one side, satin is one of the most common fabrics used in bridal gowns and there are many options to choose from. Duchesse satin is a blend of silk and rayon, which makes the dress more affordable.


Though considered by some to be old fashioned or only for prom dresses, this crisp fabric can easily modernized with an interesting cut and style.


By far the most popular wedding dress fabric, silk is sought after by most brides, but is not always affordable. Silk is a soft, smooth, natural fabric that makes a luxurious, elegant wedding dress. Can use silk to create many other fabrics, including charmeuse, chiffon, organza, satin, and tulle. Some brides also choose a fabric that is a silk and rayon blend to keep the cost down.

Dotted Swiss

Originally from Switzerland, this lightweight fabric has a raised, sprinkled dot pattern that can add texture to any dress. This is also a very popular fabric to use when making a veil.


A very lightweight wedding dress fabric, crepe has a crinkled finish that will bring texture and life to your wedding dress.


Basically, tulle is netting made of silk or rayon. You might find tulle underneath the dress to create a ball gown look, used in your veil or on top of another fabric to create the look of fluffiness.


This lightweight fabric composes of polyester or silk and has a crepe-style or crinkled finish.


Made of rayon or silk, this stiff fabric can create fullness and drama to your dress. Organza is less stiff than tulle.


Common and well-known, lace is an open knit fabric, usually used to accent part of the dress. When properly lined (or not if you’re going for the risque look!), the entire dress can compose of lace.


Typically worn for a winter or fall wedding, brocade is a jacquard-finished, heavy fabric that raised designs. Though heavy, brocade can sometimes used for parts of a summer wedding dress to add texture and weight.


A stiff, transparent fabric that is often giving a wedding dressstructure. Organdy is similar to organza, but has the added bonus of a light sheen.


You might hear of this man-made, synthetic fabric and might consider it a cheap material. But it has a similar look to silk and is easier to work with and more affordable.


Perfect for the summer bride, voile composes of cotton or wool, making it ideal for hot weather weddings.


This fabric is most commonly used to layer upon parts of the dress to create a light, airy look. Chiffon composes either of silk or rayon and is a delicate, sheer fabric.

Charmeuse (wedding dress Toronto)

A soft, lightweight wedding dress fabric that has a slight sheen, and feels satin-like to the touch.


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