Promotionswedding dress: avoid shopping mistakes

wedding dress: avoid shopping mistakes

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process. However, it’s important to be prepared for your big day of perusing through bridal boutiques. Before you begin trying on as many gowns and veils as you can handle, here are 10 wedding dress shopping mistakes to avoid…

Deciding too early

Once you become engaged it’s never too early to start shopping around for a wedding dress, however, don’t rush your decision too quickly. You’ll find that throughout the planning process your tastes and preferences will develop or even change completely. It would be unfortunate to purchase a wedding dress too early only to find something you like better a few months later. Try to avoid regret by not deciding on ‘the one’ too early.

Not making an appointment

Most bridal boutiques are appointment only. Things are done this way so that the shop assistant can devote her time and energy to one bride at a time. Don’t risk being turned away because you didn’t make an appointment. It’s best to narrow down a list of all the boutiques you’d like to visit and call them all to make a booking.

When you make your appointment also mention to the shop assistant how many people will come along with you, as well as any shapes or styles you’d prefer to try on. That way the shop assistant can set aside some pre-selected gowns for you to try at the appointment.

Taking too many people

Taking too many people with you when you go dress shopping can be overwhelming. While everyone may be trying to help by giving you their opinion, too many opinions at once can become stressful. This can often result in brides feeling overwhelmed and wanting to leave the appointment. Instead of showing up with your entire bridal party plus five extra family members, opt to just take one or two of your nearest and dearest with you.

Not wearing the right underwear

If you want to wear a push-up bra, corset or spanx on your wedding day, be sure to wear it when you’re wedding dress shopping. By wearing the correct underwear you will be able to see how any potential wedding dresses will fit and look on your wedding day.

When brides don’t wear their intended wedding day undergarments during dress shopping, they can overlook gowns that may have been a perfect fit had they been wearing the correct underwear. Avoid any missed opportunities by allowing yourself to see how exactly how a gown can fit your shape.

Shopping for your future body

Forget about your wedding ‘goal weight’ and get a dress that fits your body now. It is much easier to make a dress smaller than it is to make it bigger. Brides who purchase gowns based on the assumption that they will fit into them on the big day. Also run the risk of having to make frantic alternations last minute. This is an extra, and sometimes costly, hassle that a bride does not need days before her wedding.

Feeling pressured to buy because it’s on sale

Just because a dress is on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Don’t be swayed by that 70 per cent discount tag if it’s not the dress of your dreams. However, it’s a huge bonus if it is!

Forgetting about your budget

It can be easy to forget about your budget when trying on beautiful dresses,. And many brides end up trying on gowns that are outside of their budget only to then fall in love with what they can’t afford. Before you set-foot into any boutique, know how much you want to spend and tell the shop assistant your budget. This way you will avoid any potential heartbreak or bankruptcy!

Not being open-minded

Having a princess ballgown-style wedding dress is not for everyone, nor is a fitted trumpet-style gown. However, you won’t know until you try. Be open-minded when shopping for your wedding dress because you may fall in love with a gown that you didn’t like until you tried it on.

Rushing the process

Wedding dress shopping can take hours. So be sure to allocate enough time the day you go shopping. Each bridal boutique appointment will usually last an hour. So pre-plan your wedding dress shopping schedule in advance then you aren’t rushed. Being rushed will add extra pressure and make the experience stressful rather than enjoyable.

Forgetting to bring your wedding shoes

If you have your wedding shoes already, or a similar pair, take them with you when you’re wedding dress shopping. Having the right shoes will allow you to see if any potential dresses will need alterations to the hemline of the skirt.



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