PromotionsThings you need to know Before Wedding Dress Toronto Shopping

Things you need to know Before Wedding Dress Toronto Shopping

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If you ask us, wedding dress shopping is the jewel in the crown of wedding planning. Of course, choosing your cake flavor is fun and sorting stationery has its own charm. However finding the perfect wedding dress Toronto is something we’ve dreamt of since we were little girls.

Today we would like give you some advice for making the most out of wedding dress Toronto shopping.

We always imagined ourselves twirling around fitting rooms. Finding “the one” as soon as we bounce into the boutique. But this is sometimes not quite the case.

Know What To Expect For Your Wedding Dress Toronto

Your dress appointment is likely, to begin with, a long chat with the boutique staff, with them trying to get a feel for your big day – the more they know about your dream wedding, the better fixed they are to find you the dress you always imagined.

Something many brides are taken aback by is that the staff often help you into your dress – trust us, you’ll need them; getting into a layered tulle number is harder than it looks.

It can be uncomfortable to be in your lingerie in front of a total stranger, but it’s the everyday job of wedding shop staff and they’re totally unfazed, we promise. They’re entirely engrossed in helping you find the dress of your dreams, not thinking about how you look in your underwear.

Don’t worry about having a mini meltdown, or getting a bit weepy, either. It’s an emotional occasion, and the staff is sure to be discreet and professional at all times. And they’ll have a hanky to hand too.

Allow Plenty Of Time For Your Wedding Dress Toronto Shopping

With so much to get done, it can be tempting to only book a short slot at your boutique of choice. Trust us, unless you’re one of the few who finds their dream dress immediately, only allowing a small amount of time to dress shop will cost you more time in the long run.

At your first appointment, you’re likely to try on up to 15 dresses. At our boutique, we allow an hour and a half for our appointments. But they often run over and this is absolutely fine – whatever it takes! Don’t rush it, just enjoy every minute.

In addition to allowing enough time, carefully consider what time of day you’d like your appointment at.

To Be Continued…

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