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We Offer The Best Wedding Dress Toronto For You

You’ve said yes to the dress, and to your partner, Now it’s time for the hard part: marriage? Wedding Dress Toronto

The Wedding Dress Toronto

When I clicked on my wedding dress I wasn’t exactly head over heels for it. But, it was on sale and rang in at a grand total of $712, including taxes and shipping. That was a relative bargain, as the average Canadian bride reportedly spends $1,716 on her gown, according to a 2014 Weddingbells survey. No matter the price, the relationship between a bride and a gown understood to be a short-term thing — but after shelling out more than $700, I was determined to turn things from a one-day stand into a longer-term relationship. Somehow I made it through the whole day without spilling any wine on my dress, so I spoke with some experts about how exactly brides can tweak their dress to make it wearable after exchanging “I do.”

Colour outside the lines

Turn your bridal gown into a Frida Khalo-inspired summer festival dress by adding some coloured embroidery.  (COLLECTION MUSEO DE ARTE MODERNO)

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s marriage, divorce and remarriage were far from perfect. Her style, on the other hand, was usually flawless. Recent exhibitions about the couple have the fashion crowd once again swooning over her unibrow, flower crowns and embroidered outfits.

Turn your bridal gown in to a Frida-inspired summer festival dress by adding some coloured embroidery to it. Warning: Finding a seamstress that will add embroidery to your dress may take as long, or longer, than it did to find someone to spend the rest of your life with. After some detective work I found Pom Penner, a long-time seamstress based in Markham, Ont., who has extensive experience adding embroidery to wedding dresses by hand. The final cost of adding some beautiful blooms to your dress depends on several factors, but you’ll likely love her low rates, which start at a mere $15 per hour.

Tie it in a knot, tie it in a bow

If you are not ready to be tied down to permanent alterations add a colourful sash. This one is from

Not ready to be tied down to permanent alterations just yet? Add a colourful sash after the big day instead. I recently bought a mint-green sash and removable flower pin for $98 by Rosy Posy Designs on Etsy. BHLDN offers a range of sashes technically for brides and bridesmaids that could also be worn to other events. The Pumila Bridesmaid Sash comes in a cool ice colour to help you channel your inner ice princess at holiday fetes later this year. Coolest of all? It retails for $80 online.

Love blooms

It can be done! With the addition of a sash and flower broche, Melissa Dunne’s wedding dress is now a cocktail party dress.

Since my dress was not Mr. Right, but merely Mr. OK For One Day, I had grand plans to give it a makeover by dyeing it a whole new colour. Turns out you can’t force anyone to drastically change, and that includes a dress. I’ve since learned dyeing my dress was an unrealistic fantasy due to it being made of mixed materials, which would likely result in an uneven colour if dyed. So, for now I’ve opted for a less radical change by adding some accessories to make it less “bridal” and more “last-of-summer garden party.” While it is not Mr. Perfect, it is my dress and I vow to love it forever and ever … or at least until I spill some wine on it.

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