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Coloured wedding dress: when white just isn’t enough

The traditional white wedding dress is thought to be worn to represent purity, however, the tradition actually sprung from a fashion trend. British monarch Queen Victoria chose to wear white on her wedding day in 1840 simply because she liked the colour, and ever since, wearing a white wedding dress has become a fixture of Western bridal culture.

For brides who love colour and wish to follow the Queen’s suit and spark their own fashion trend, here are some colourful gowns which are sure to ignite some rainbow-inspired glamour.

Ray of sunshine

Yellow is supposed to be the colour of happiness, so it makes sense to wear it on what will be one of the happiest days of your life! Designer Hamda Al Fahim designed the below yellow dress which features translucent lace sleeves, a low back with scalloped edging and a flowing A-line skirt.

Blushing bride

This sweetheart blush tulle ball gown features crystal embellishment and is the perfect shade of pastel pink for the bride who dares to add a drop of colour. Blush looks best on olive skin tones and works well with both dark and light hair.

Something blue

If you’re a fan of Queen Elsa from Frozen then a mere frosting of powder-blue is enough to add an element of ice queen-chic to your bridal look. The below gown is featured in Monique Lhuillier’s 2016 bridal collection.

Outstanding ombre

This ombre creation by Lazaro features a dip-dye effect on the trimmings of a full tulle skirt. It’s hard not to imagine rustling the layers to showcase the rainbow-inspired gorgeousness beneath!

Black beauty

For a dramatic point of difference black is a bold wedding day statement. Designers such as Rami Kadi have produced collections which features wedding gowns in shades of black.

Sea-foam splendour

A sea-foam wash will add a touch of whimsy to your bridal look. This fresh colour looks particularly nice in a spring or winter wedding and works well with both gold and silver accessories.

Golden girl

An ever-elegant and regal option. A warm and brilliant gold will certainly set you apart on your wedding day. Incorporating design elements such as sequins or crystal beading. It will give the colour an extra lift and provide you with a glowing bridal look.

Lady in red

Strength, passion, power and love – if these are all qualities you’d like to exude on your wedding day. Then red is the colour for you. The fiery hue is particularly prominent in Chinese wedding culture as it symbolizes love and prosperity.

Royal blue (wedding dress)

For a regal approach to your special day, a deep and rich royal blue will certainly set the tone for some dramatically elegant flair. The colour represents trust, honesty and loyalty. All qualities which are undoubtedly required to build the foundation of a strong marriage.



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